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Mar 09, 2015· Take playing Portal 2 + Reading the comic + Voice testing a special sound effect = This! Let me now what you think in the comments bellow.

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May 26, 2014· To start, in the Ratman comic there is a part where Ratman says he would have rather gone to the moon (reference to Black Mesa), than worked on GLaDOS. When playing through Portal 2 many of you are probably aware of the final transmission …

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I can guess that at least 1/3 of the people who look at this page don't get most of the references I make in my art. This problem has an easy solution, though. The solution involves purchasing Portal 2, which most of my art references, and watching the entire series of Joss Whedon's Firefly.

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It's a single portal gun (non dual), with a fixed orange portal nearby. And also all the crazy drawings from Rattmann. Including his tracking of moon phases. And a hole looking up into the sky. The theory is perhaps he was tracking the moon.. And fired the portal gun, going through the orange portal, and leaving the gun behind.

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« Part 1. ネタバレ。 はセリフがぎりぎりめるにとしてある。むのは で。 (のはこちら ). とりあえずキューブたんはボクっことしてしてあります(2しかいませ …

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Aug 06, 2017· Portal: Ratman Stories is a fan-made mod for Portal, featuring Doug Rattmann (from the Portal 2 Comic) as Protagonist. Ratman Stories starts the day GLaDOS got activated. Doug Rattmann is one of the few survivors of GLaDOS neurotoxin attack, and is …

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Ratman (ラットマン, Rattoman) is a Japanese shōnen manga written and illustrated by Sekihiko Inui.The series follows the story of Shuto Katsuragi, a wanna be hero, who tries to save his friend, but ends up becoming the "villain" Ratman.


you can think of as a conscience. that's all you to control her, it won't be enough. you don't have to go back in there. it's why you're still alive.

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Jan 22, 2014· A fan reading of the Portal graphic novel, 'Lab Rat' Comic by Valve with Michael Avon Oeming and Jay Pinkerton. A fan reading of the Portal graphic novel, 'Lab Rat' Comic by Valve with Michael ...

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„The cake is a lie!"-- Doug Rattmann Portal. Doug Rattmann, auch bekannt als Ratman, war einer der früheren Aperture Science-Angestellten.Nachdem er GLaDOS' Neurotoxin-Angriff überlebte, wurde er von ihr gezwungen, das Aperture Science Enrichment Center als Testperson zu durchlaufen. Während der Testphase brach jedoch seine Schizophrenie aus und er schrieb Hilferufe und Warnungen an die ...

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Top > Portal 2 > Comic > Part 1? ms Information. Portalとは ... Ratman: The end is finally upon us.

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Not to be confused with Italian superhero parody comic Rat-Man, the one-time character from The Justice Friends, the horror novel Ratman's Notebooks, or the strange benefactor from Portal…

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Apr 29, 2011· Many fans believe it to be Ratman's companion cube from the Valve's comic Portal 2: Lab Rats. In the comic, Ratman is the of the last Aperture Science employee that …

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Rat-Man is an Italian comic about an inept superhero of the same name, created by Leonardo Ortolani in 1989. Although it was initially meant to be a satire of other superheroes, most prominently Batman, it has since evolved into an independent comic sporting a complex, evolving continuity.

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Apr 12, 2011· GLaDOS Origin Story Told in Full Portal 2 Comic. Tom Goldman | 12 Apr 2011 00:37. 0 . The entirety of Valve's official Portal 2 comic has been released, ... The comic follows Doug "Ratman ...

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Glados is Chell's mom, how Ratman's behind it, why ...

Jul 22, 2013· *MAJOR SPOILERS* Okay, I have a theory about Portal. It takes a while to explain so let's start at the beginning. We already know that Glados kills all the scientists in Aperture with Neurotoxin before the events of Portal 1 or 2 even take place. We also know that Ratman survived Glados's genocide. Finally, we know that that Caroline was forced against her will to become Cave Johnson's ...

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We all know rat man from his cryptic messages and poems, but how did he get there? Why is he so intent on helping Chell? This is his story, the story of Rattmann. Rated T for safety. This is a continuing story, please please leave a review, one word is enough.

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Valve Presents: The Sace and Other Steam-Powered Stories Volume 1 [Various] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For fifteen years, Valve Corporation has defined the cutting edge of video games. Now, Valve joins with Dark Horse to bring three critically acclaimed

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Aug 26, 2017· Portal: Ratman Stories is a fan-made mod for Portal, featuring Aperture Science employee Doug Rattmann (known from the Portal 2 Comic) as protagonist. Featuring an original storyline, the player embodies Doug and lives through his fate, starting the day of GLaDOS' activation and ending after the storyline of Portal.

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Somos grandes fans de Portal, sin duda es uno de nuestros juegos favoritos de todos los tiempos. Es por eso que les traemos en exclusiva, el comic en español, titulado RAT LAB! (Rata de Laboratorio), el cual pueden ver en su versión original en inglés en la web oficial del juego.. Comienza con un personaje claramente perturbado, ya que va acompañado del popular Cubo (que además le habla ...

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Ratman (Ratman) est un manga créé en 2007 par Sekihiko INUI. Ratman est classé dans la égorie Shonen et a d'abord été prépublié dans le magazine Shonen Ace.L'oeuvre est éditée en France par Kana et comporte 12 tomes en tout (terminé au Japon) .

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Valves new comic Portal 2: Lab Rat bridges the gap between the events of the video games Portal and Portal 2 and tells an exciting new story set in the world of Aperture Science

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Portal 2: Comic Rat Lab en español En este comic podremos saber quien hacia esos extraños dibujos durante los suceso de Portal y Portal 2, y que ocurrió despues de los sucesos de Portal. Un ejemplo de los dibujos que aparecian por tas instalaciones de Aperture Science.

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Ratman and Robin: The Attack of Catman and the Meows. by K.A. Bolton . 4.9 out of 5 stars 11

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Apr 08, 2011· Excited for Portal 2? Us too. That's why we're exclusively debuting Part 1 of Valve's exciting new comic book. Check out 14 whole pages!

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Doug Rattmann, also known as the Ratman, is a former Aperture Science employee, and one of the few survivors of GLaDOS' flooding of the Enrichment Center with neurotoxin. Rattmann was introduced through his murals in Portal, and his story was expanded on in Portal 2: Lab Rat .

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Apr 27, 2011· So, Valve wrote this comic, that has some pretty significant plot reveals, about the giant gab between Portal 1 and 2. It's called something with rat man, because it is about him. I'm really interested in reading it. Where do i find it? Thanks.

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Apr 08, 2011· Excited for Portal 2? Us too. That's why we're exclusively debuting Part 1 of Valve's exciting new comic book. Check out 14 whole pages!

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