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Feb 13, 2006· Here is a review of the Goldscan 5 in OZ. I believe the Doug is Doug Stone, a prospector of note in OZ who also I believe does expediations to gold country for Coiltek, they bought him out the other year. Don I have just got back from the bush after spending a day with Eric Foster. He and his tes...

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Aug 01, 2006· Not neccessarily will any detector find gold in the form of 24 K nuggets. If you look, gold hunting /nugget detectors are of a higher frequency than that of coin jewelry hunting detectors. This is to make the detector better able to find small nuggets. Gold is a tough metal to find generally speaking when compared to copper or silver.

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Gold Nugget Hunting with a metal detector,Minelab,Nugget Finder,books,maps,information,links,locations,gold forum,custom research,and more. UNDERSTANDING THE PI METAL DETECTOR BY REG SNIFF PART TWO. The down side of PI's. All detectors are subject to external noise, but PI's are extremely temperamental in this regard. The …

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Learn What are the Best Metal Detectors for Metal Detecting on the Beach at Find the best metal detector products and get FREE USA shipping on orders over $99.95.

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Oct 10, 2006· Gold is where you find it. I've found gold in parking lots. A real treasure. people lose it every where. find out where the storm water runs into that river. you will find along with gold, money,trash and all sorts of different things.

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Sep 29, 2010· As for the TDI, I use it for coin hunting in a park when not relic hunting or nugget hunting, so it does get more use. However, if it had cost even half as much as the newer ML's, I probably would have passed on it also. Not being rich, I have to decide …

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BIG TEN'S GOLD PROSPECTING AND GOLD PANNING MAPS are used by thousands of families for outdoor recreation when vacationing, RVing, camping, picnicking, hiking, biking, backpacking, canoeing, fishing, hunting, gold panning, gold prospecting, rockhounding, treasure hunting and metal detecting.

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A fun place to talk about Metal Detecting, Treasure Hunting & Prospecting. Here you can share finds and experience with thousands of members from all over the world ... Goldscan was originally built as (mine) surveying equipment and used lead acid batteries because of the HUGE current consumption! It is a terrible hack! ... Goldscan Pulse IV ...

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Oct 05, 2007· The Goldscan is much more immune to electrical interference than a Minelab, and there have been results in Australia hunting where power lines cross gold fields. Rare application, but real nonetheless, as I've seen comments about this being an issue in the Lower 48.

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As a result, Eric Foster's ground canceling PI, the Goldscan, never really caught on. ... The delay time on most Gold Hunting PI detectors is 15 usec or less. A delay of 10 usec will show a distinct improvement, especially to very small gold in the few grain range over a detector having a delay of 15 usec.

Aquamanta, Pulse Iron Discriminator Video link.

and also can detect small gold jewelery in salt water (which no current waterproof detector can do) - then it's pretty much "game over". At that point, as far as wet salt beach hunting goes, there's nothing much left to do. More depth at the beach would be pointless - you can't practically dig much deeper than 15" in …


Mar 17, 2019· GOLDSCAN IV PDF - Allodium,Interesting. There are three possibilities.1) It is not needed and can be omitted.2) It is needed and there is a mistake on the circuit. i'm

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Nov 14, 2012· goldscan iv schematic [Archive] – Geotech Forums. dear sir: can anyone send me full schematic and search coil detail for goldscan v or better pi machine with discriminator and pcb for goldscan iv detector. very thank … »More detailed

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Sep 11, 2013· Hi All,Well very soon now I will have PM coils available for The Minelab GPX series as well as the Whites TDI. Only a few products at the moment but a lot more are on the short term horizon. We have some seriously innovative PI coils about to be …

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Dec 19, 2017· Only spent about 3 hours at it then packed the detector away for the rest of the trip. Maybe a proper detector with discrimination would be better but for the moment I think gold hunting is what I prefer. Can't wait to get back to digging in real ground, not sand. Next time ill take fishing rods as there was plenty being caught off the beach.

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Infinium or Goldscan Detector for Beach hunting?????: The Goldscan is six years old and the Infinium is six years old with pulse machine is stronger??? Does anyone Know???? Thanks for the help.

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Gold Hunting resource by Jack Lange. Instructional videos on how to find gold, detector reviews and more...

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Get the best deal for Gold Prospecting Metal Detectors from the largest online selection at Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items.

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Minelab was the first to introduce a PI specifically designed for gold hunting in the US some time the 1990'5. The introduction of the SO 2000 really started the serious use of PI's to search for gold even though people began using Eric Foster's detectors for nugget hunting sooner in Australia.

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May 17, 2008· Interests: Coin and Gold Hunting; Report post; Posted May 14, 2008. ... This option was on the original Goldscan base unit and is now also offered on the GPX-4500. The ground balance is a filter and does rob depth in low mineral ground, and so many beach hunters will want to shut it off. But you will go to monotone operation and so the unit ...

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Welcome to Goldhunter Detectors. It is owned and operated by Wendy Arvidson and we here at Goldhunter Detectors are here to give a great customer experience. Our staff are very experienced in both metal detecting ( over 45 years in fact) and prospecting for gold by others means, such as panning, sluicing, high banking & using trommels.

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Apr 12, 2015· Just had a look at goldscan jaros and that is an old photo of the older mod 2 machine.even the mod2 has an extra nob for gain that this photo hasnt I think its the pic is the mod2 before the gain mod was I'm interested to see what the 3 will have different on its face? Last edited by k man (01 April 2015 01:12 pm)

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> ors as the 5C because I found several gold rings i > n one week hunting in Va. Beach. So it found both > high and low without a problem. the goldscan 5c has been my favorite of all the pulspowers mine was modified by Alexandre / coil manta / off ground // and some odds and ends a gain of 30/40% I made almost a kilo, with / 18k

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GPA 1000 is offered in a set with GOLD SCAN II as an additional metal detector for gold and metal discrimination. The best 3D gold detector 2016 is also a ground scanner and uses the high depth performance of the GPA technology for professional treasure hunting.

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Allodium, thanks. That second link is helpful. I have looked at the ICs and one by one: 5534. This is an old IC but after looking at posts on audiophile forums (commonly used as an audio pre-amp) about potential replacements, there seems little reason to change it.

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Searching on a salt water beach will be easier if you are using a pulse induction metal detector, as well. A pulse induction detector can often see smaller pieces of gold than other types of detectors. If you are looking for small nuggets or large flakes of gold, this will be the type of detector you want.

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Jan 10, 2016· This nugget took over an hour to dig and chisel out. It was 10" deep in caliche. Caliche is a cemented conglomerate sort of rock very common in the desert SW. Metal detecting for gold in the SW ...

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Sep 13, 2005· I really enjoyed using the Goldscan 5 and feel that it is going to be one of the better detectors on the market. Eric went to great lengths to make sure the modifications were made before shipping any other detectors out. I will let both Eric and Bill report more on the Goldscan 5 . The Goldscan 5 is a winner and congratulations Eric.

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Apr 06, 2015· Metal detecting guide and tips including metal detectors and accessories, Brands ... little bit of info there any company in the uk that will repair an Eric Foster gold scan 2. plugged in a set of headphones with a mono jack and damage done ... After receiving some help from a P.I dedicated forum my goldscan 2 is now up and running ...

HH PI vs. high power PI's like TDI or Goldscan 5c

Oct 26, 2013· Most PI's used for gold hunting have a delay capability of 10 usec or sufficient gain that a delay of 13 usec works as well as a 10 usec unit. So, what does this mean? Well, both the Sea Hunter and the Sand Shark will find gold and many people use them to find gold rings or large gold jewelery.

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