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Aswan Quarry Egypt: Lost Ancient High Technology Evidence. Oct 13, 2015· There are 2 unfinished obelisks in the quarry at Aswan, for example that could not have been shaped with simple tools such as those listed above.

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This book comes from 6 yearly visits to Egypt, from the Aswan quarry in the south to the Nile Delta in the north chronicling the massive and complex mysterious works of a master civilization that history has forgotten, and historians ignore.

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Stone quarries of ancient Egypt - Wikipedia. The quarries of Aswan. The quarries of Aswan are located along the Nile in the city of Aswan. There are a number of well-known sites: Shellal, consisting of northern and southern quarries within an area of about 20 km 2 (7.7 sq mi) on the west bank, and the islands of Elephantine and Seheil.

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May 26, 2014· Looking around this area one can see silent proof of lost ancient technology. For example this wall created by a smooth cut into the granite. Precise Wall cut at Aswan Quarry Precise Rock Wall cut Aswan Quarry, Egypt Who made this smooth cut ? It reminded me of the cuts one can see in Peru here below. Cut out rock face Peru

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Oct 24, 2014· Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt: The 1200 Ton Obelisk ... amazing and least understood attempted achievements of ancient Egypt is the 1200 ton unfinished obelisk located in the Aswan quarry.

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Jun 30, 2017· The Search for Signs of Life on Exoplanets Documentary - How Do Scientists Find New Planets Space & The Universe HD 985 watching Live now

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The unfinished obelisk is the largest known ancient obelisk and is located in the northern region of the stone quarries of ancient Egypt in Aswan (Assuan), Egypt. Archaeologists claim the pharaoh known as Hatshepsut sanctioned its construction. However, modern engineers question as to whether the Dynastic Egyptians could have achieved this task.

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The stone quarries of ancient Egypt once produced quality stone for the construction of decorative monuments such as sculptures and obelisks.These quarries are now recognised archaeological sites. Eighty percent of the ancient quarry sites are in the Nile valley; some of them have disappeared under the waters of Lake Nasser and some others were lost due to modern mining activity.

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Thanks to its location in southern Egypt at the First Cataract of the Nile, the city of Aswan has been strategically important throughout the country's legendary history.Home to the ancient Egyptian frontier, the stone quarries from which the world-famous pyramids were furnished, and markets through which gold, wood and spices were traded, it is undoubtedly a city with many stories to tell.

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Lost Ancient Technology Of Egypt 2017: Aswan Quarry. ... Brien has explored more than 90 countries but his true passion is researching and writing about the ancient megalithic works found in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Easter Island, Egypt, England, and beyond. ... Lost Ancient Technology Coast to Coast AM – April 16, 2012 Red Ice Radio – August ...

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The unfinished obelisk : No rock speaks such volumes as the Unfinished Obelisk. commemorating the presence of a lost city from its rocky bed in an ancient quarry high above Aswan, it speaks of the hubris of the pharaohs and the grueling labor of their minions, of the triumphs of quarrying and its unimaginable failures.

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March 2020: Egypt! Lost Ancient High Technology and Metaphysics Of Egypt II March 7 – 20, 2020 With Optional 5 – Day Extension to Israel featuring sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem & Masada Special $200.00 per person Discount if you join both tours!

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What we clearly have to at least entertain is the idea that the conventional story of ancient Egypt has not been fully represented by most academics. These artifacts had to have been produced by a culture that had lost ancient high technology.

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Feb 07, 2017· The 1,200 ton unfinished obelisk at the Aswan quarry, Egypt. ... Egypt's Lost Queens (Ancient Egypt Documentary) ... Free High-Quality Documentaries 1,539,907 views.

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Stone quarries in ancient Egypt. Details about the stones used for the construction of the Great Pyramids of Giseh. The Giza quarries, the granite quarries in Assuan and the Tura limestone quarries. Maps and illustrations. How were the stones bevelled and the precise angle achieved? Properties of the stones - Aswan stone quarries (granite) - Tura stone quarries (limestone) - Giza stone ...

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May 25, 2017· In part 2 we travel first to an ancient place called Tanis, in the Nile Delta that looks like it was hit by catastrophic heat, and then, at the other end of Egypt we explore the Aswan quarry that shows obvious signs and tool marks implying Lost Ancient High …

Aswan Quarry Egypt: Lost Ancient High Technology Evidence

There are 2 unfinished obelisks in the quarry at Aswan, for example that could not have been shaped with simple tools such as those listed above. They must have been the work of a much older culture with Lost Ancient High Technology…

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The large unfinished obelisk in the Aswan quarry. (Author provided) ... The Evidence is Cut in Stone: A Compelling Argument for Lost High Technology in Ancient Egypt. The revolutionary invention of the wheel. Ancient Places. The Great Pyramid: New Theory on God Symbolism and the Hidden Chambers.

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Nowadays, it is the third largest city in Egypt, and the biggest in Upper Egypt! Ancient Aswan was located on the main trading route between Egypt and the southern lands, where gold, silver, ivory, animal skins, camels and caravans passed into Egypt. The ancient city was also famous for its granite quarries.

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May 20, 2012· Arquivo pessoal gentilmente cedido ao I.C.O. Credits music: Sahira ----- They furnished the colossal statues, obelisks, and monolithal shrines that are found throughout Egypt, including the ...

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The Osireion of Abydos in Egypt is attributed to Pharoah Seti I but the site is a true enigma that closely resembles the Valley temple on the Giza Plateau. With 4 metre high granite pillars from the Aswan quarry 200 miles away and stone cutting techniques that must have been produced using...

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Oct 13, 2015· Aswan Quarry Egypt: Lost Ancient High Technology Evidence, Although most academics believe that the dynastic Egyptians effectively worked hard stone such as granite and basalt with simple . [24/7 online] Mines and Quarries of Ancient Egypt: An Introduction.

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Aswan Aswan is Egypt's southern most City and has a population of 150,000. In Ancient Egypt it was a frontier town just above the 1st Cataract between Egypt and Nubia. It has a fine museum, Nubian Museum,which opened in 1998 and is partially sponsored by UNESCO. One of the famous landmarks at Aswan is the Mausoleum of the Aga Khan.

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2/ Aswan Quarry 3/ Elephantine Island 4/ Tombs of the Nobles 5/ Ramesseum 6/ Colossi of Memnon 7/ Dendera 8/ Abydos 9/ Karnak 10/ Meidum 11/ Dashur 12/ Saqqara 13/ Abusir 14/ Abugurab 15/ Giza Plateau 16/ Bibliography 1/ Introduction Egypt, or more specifically ancient Egypt is a subject that has fascinated people

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Apr 02, 2009· The ancient granite quarry lies just south of the city of Aswan and is easily accessible by taxi cab. The site is relatively large and can be explored by climbing a series of stairs and platforms. The obelisk itself lies center stage and can be seen from below, but visitors can climb up to get a …

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Aswan is the ancient city of Swenett, later known as Syene, which in antiquity was the frontier town of Ancient Egypt facing the south. Swenett is supposed to have derived its name from an Egyptian goddess with the same name.

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GraNite quarry Survey iN tHe aSwaN reGioN, eGypt: SHe DDiNG New liGHt oN aNcieNt quarryiNG n the inscriptions, as well as Ball (1907), who published several studies of the first cataract region, including the ancient quarries. More recently, important studies of the Aswan granite quarries include Röder (1965) and Klemm and Klemm

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Lost Ancient Technology Of Egypt: Obvious Evidence In The Aswan Quarry Granite, specifically the pink to red, and sometimes black granite from the quarry at Aswan in southern Egypt was prized by the ancient Egyptians for making sculptures, obelisks, casing stones, columns, altars, etc.

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Exposing the Forbidden High Tech Used in Ancient Egypt. ... and most likely stone brought from the quarry at Aswan, about 500 miles from Saqqara. Not only that, but the lid of each box was cut from the same stone as the box itself. ... Lost Ancient Technology of Egypt Before the Pharaohs (Part 1/2 )

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ANCIENT EGYPT: April 6th – April 18th, 2019 ... Lost Ancient High Technology and Metaphysics Of Egypt. April 6th – April 18th, 2019. ... This afternoon we'll explore the famous Aswan quarry that is home to the 1,200 ton Unfinished Obelisk, that only a handful of cranes worldwide could lift today. You will see evidence of several different ...

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